Using Spyfu for competitive intelligence

Spyfu provides the ability to monitor and analyse a website’s search engine marketing efforts. The service accomplishes that by gathering relevant data first, such as a web domain’s organic rank (their natural position in a given search result), all keywords used in their online ad purchases and organic SEO efforts, and all known variants in their ad copy along with the respective response rates. Once compiled, this information is condensed into a series of comprehensive graphs and charts, accompanied by a brief textual report highlighting some key areas for improvement. 

So how does Spyfu help in the context of competitive intelligence? The main draw of this service is there is nothing to stop you from peeking into the activities of your competitors. This means you’ll be able to keep track of both their organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) search marketing, with the help of reports that trace every bit of activity over a period of 6 years.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have competitor X, whose website ranks higher than yours on Google, and competitor Y, who doesn’t have an entry in the usual search results but has had paid ads for months on end. You’re looking to surpass (or emulate) the both of them, but how?

With Spyfu, you could:

  • Learn what keywords both competitor X and Y are targeting, and how intense the pressure is
  • Make educated decisions on whether to compete for those keywords organically, or spend more on paid ads that give you the edge
  • Keep track of competitor Y’s changes in ad copy and learn which ones convert better, then use the results to improve your own
  • Find more and better keywords that X and Y are missing out

To do all that, Spyfu boosts a whole suite of tools that concentrate on each particular problem. To be fair, the sheer variety of them can overwhelm the average user with choices and features, and the service assumes that you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of SEM, SEO and PPC and how they work.

The testimonials on the website heaps praise upon the service, and indeed, it may be as good as it seems, but there is no free lunch here: the cheapest subscription plan that Spyfu offers settles at a moderate $79 per month, while its best package is priced at a relatively astronomical sum of $999. This makes the service affordable only for established businesses serious in their online marketing plans.