You need to know what your competitors are doing – before it’s too late.

Our competitive intelligence services give you accurate, actionable information on your peers, partners and industry players. We get behind the headlines and gather hard-to-find information that can help you pre-empt major moves, prepare for sales pitches, and mitigate threats.

Before planning your next phase of growth, it makes sense to explore the market and understand the threats and opportunities presented by your peers.

Competitive intelligence: how it works

Our analysts use a blend of online research and telephone interviews to gather the intelligence you need. We can either provide a general overview of your competitive landscape, or we can focus on key business areas, such as product roadmaps, sales figures or customer information. Drawing from 350+ research tools and dozens of original interviews, we have the expertise to efficiently gather reliable data on your key competitors.

Many of our clients’ targets are largely off the radar – with very little news of their performance, plans and maneuvers reaching the press. Our research and analysis are a priceless portal to your competitors.

Competitor sales pitches

The way your competitors pitch their products reveals a great deal of information about their strengths and weaknesses. Our analysts uncover the sales strategies used by your competitors, including the benefits they focus on, what they say about your company and pricing details including discounts, contract values and the value of major accounts.

Competitor finances

In many cases, the real story is in the numbers. We use a variety of sources and techniques to build a complete picture of your competitor’s financial performance, getting beyond the stories told in financial reports – and often revealing deep insights into smaller companies that have little or no published financial information. You might want to know revenue by department, or location, or the cost of building a product. These are all questions that we can answer.

Competitor organization

How your competitors are organized tells you a lot about their focus, their priorities and their plans for the future. Our analysts use telephone interviews and desk research to build a complete picture of your competitor’s organizational structure – far beyond what is available in mainstream sources.

Competitor product roadmaps

Understanding your competitors’ plans is crucial if you want to avoid having a competitor crash your own product launch – or render your latest product obsolete by leapfrogging your development. Our analysts know how to go beyond the press releases and reporting and gather actionable information.

Competitor customer base

Who are the customers that favor your competitors? Our analysts know how to identify key clients and build an accurate list of your competitors’ customers – as well as an indication of their propensity to switch.

Competitor ecosystem

What is the commercial environment that your competitors are operating in? Who is thriving – and who is struggling? Are certain market conditions best for one competitor? Or is a looming regulatory change likely to disrupt the industry? These are some of the questions that our analysts can answer with a report into your competitor ecosystem, bringing clarity to an otherwise muddled market.