COMPETITIVE intelligence

Complete competitive intelligence about your competitors' operations. Their pricing. Their product plans. Their internal structure. Detailed, specific competitor intelligence.

Treat our competitive intelligence as ammunition. Aqute tells you what the competition is doing, in advance. So that you can defend yourself and counter-attack.

Aqute uses world-class primary intelligence techniques, backed up by our proprietary database of information sources, to cast the widest net possible. If it is possible to find something about your competitors, we will find it out.


Our competitive analysis will help you win against your competitors.

Every day, they are preparing new products. Changing what they say to customers. Bringing in new skills. We will analyze how your competitors’ actions are affecting you, and identify the best response.

We will show you the weak spots of your competition so that you can go on the offensive. We arm you with competitor analysis that is detailed, accurate and useful. And we tell you what to do with it. How to beat your competitors.

Our industry analysis gives you a 360-degree view of your competitive blind spots and opportunities. Our individual profiles for any competitor will help you beat them one by one.

"Excellent work; impressed our senior executive team"

Procter & Gamble


"Brilliant analysis" 



"The most dazzling intellects of the modern age" 

Kermit the Frog