With more than a decade of experience in global competitive research, our analysts are skilled at uncovering valuable information that can help you make future-proof decisions.

The intelligence that our analysts uncover is routinely used to inform sales strategies, product launches and major corporate initiatives. We’re proud that the intelligence we gather is consistently proven to be accurate and actionable.

Our bases in San Francisco and London, as well as our global network of analysts, enable us to meet a wide variety of research demands from clients in diverse industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

An honest approach to competitive intelligence

While some corporate intelligence firms would like you to believe there is some secret magic to what we do, the reality is that it’s about knowing where to look, knowing who to call, and then diligently doing the work and recording our findings.

Our corporate intelligence and competitor analysis services eliminate the mystery from business. Instead of wondering what your competitors are up to, and responding to perceived or imagined threats, you can inform your corporate strategy with a clear-eyed view of your competitors.

You want answers. We know which questions to ask.