Owlementary, my dear Watson

As we said before, animals are important to Aqute. They're all over our website, and some of them were personally affronted when the animal charity we supported last year was an elephant charity. There are no pictures of elephants on any Aqute collateral, the imaginary animals cried.

What there is plenty of on our website, however, is pictures of a owl. 

So in the interests of appeasing our marketing menagerie, this year's (first) animal charity for Aqute is an owl sanctuary. In fact, two owl sanctuaries: Barn Owl Bill, who do good work with limited resources in Lancashire; and Owl Rescue in North Wales, who have been helping owls for longer than Aqute has been around.

Here are two gratuitous pictures of owls at the two owl sanctuaries. These fellows have worked on more or less zero of our research projects, but they get a mention anyway.

Well, that's owl, folks!

And yes, our website owl knows perfectly well that Sherlock never said those exact words.

African Spotted Eagle Owl (at  Barn Owl Bill )

African Spotted Eagle Owl
(at Barn Owl Bill)

White Faced Scops Owl (at  Owl Rescue )

White Faced Scops Owl
(at Owl Rescue)

FunSimon Lunt