Heffalumps and woozles

Animals are all over Aqute's website. We use them to convince people that we know what we are doing. Look at this owl with the big eyes, that's how good we are at PowerPoint. See that fox with big ears, that's us listening to your every word (but not trawling through bins - we've told the fox he can't do that). Look at that cheetah or leopard or jaguar, that's how quickly clients need to pay their invoices.

So, having used animals to make us look good for many years, it is time we gave something back by supporting animal charities. This month, Aqute's Chosen Animal for Munificence and Largesse is the elephant, well known for their intelligence. Even though there are no elephant pictures on Aqute's website - that's how out of the box we think.

Wildlife SOS are doing great work rescuing abused or injured animals in India (elephants but also a load of other animals, including hundreds of bears). Recently, their attempt to rescue Raju, who had been in chains for 50 years, went global and even more recently, they rescued Lilly. Here is Raju:

We are proud to support Wildlife SOS; you can check out their latest rescues on their blog.

Simon Lunt