How to find your competitors' online marketing spend

Finding out about the competition’s online marketing - its keywords, ad copy, clicks, clickthrough rate and spend can help you position your own marketing. Identifying high value keywords, for example, can help you develop your own online marketing strategy - while reducing any advantage your rivals may have had.


AdGooroo is part of Kantar Media, the media intelligence group. Claiming to have “the world’s largest collection of search marketing intelligence, bar none”, AdGooroo can provide its clients with data on most global advertisers, giving an in-depth insight into your competitors’ campaign performance.

You can view current and historical data for advertising campaigns across 50 countries, including performance statistics, keywords used, and spend estimate (please note “estimates”…). You can measure your historic and current performance against the competition’s.

Other useful features include trademark intelligence, which enables you to keep an eye on any misuse or hijacking of you brand.  AdGooroo offers a demo before you leap in and subscribe. The free blog is regularly updated, and offers great general insights into this field.

ispionage doesn’t dress up what it does in fancy apparel: the tagline on its website reads “Steal your competitors’ traffic and uncover their conversion strategy.” They have a database giving 7 years’ worth of PPC and SEO information from Google, Bing and Yahoo (claiming 92,000,000 keywords).

Again, you need to subscribe, but ispionage offer a free trial, so that you can test its efficacy and interface. The basic package is $29 per month.

Moz, formerly SEOMoz, started in SEO consultancy back in 2004, and now offers SEO toolkits, as well as wise words in their excellent blog. With Moz, you sign up and create a campaign. They then start collecting data for you, and within a few days, you have a detailed insight into your area, enabling you to develop a killer SEO strategy.

The Mozscape API lets you integrate data from their index into your own applications. This index is updated regularly, providing fresh data on billions of URL status codes, titles, and links, together with any other information Moz thinks is useful. If you join and become a “Moz Pro”, you’ll be able to access historical data. You can use Moz for free, although that limits how much data is made avilable.

With over a million users, SEMRush helps you by establishing keywords, comparing your domain with others, and various reports. You can start to use their website immediately, and for free.

SpyFu is straight in there with topline financial estimates if you try their free search function.

If you register, you can track your competitors’ domain history over the last 10 years. Again, this company offers monthly packages.

This is a summary of some of the main companies offering this service. Each vendor provides a slightly different take on understanding competitors' marketing spend, and one way or another it should be possible to build a fairly good understnading of how much competitors are spending and on what campaigns.

Simon Lunt