Competitive intelligence companies - a definitive list

A while ago, we published a list of competitive intelligence companies. Our criteria was that competitive intelligence had to be their primary, or at least significant, focus. Other agencies graze the edges of competitive intelligence, but it's not their main service. All the companies we listed carry out primary or secondary research for their clients (usually both), and they all have competitive intelligence-focused websites.

In our latest update to this list, and to reflect the importance of social media, we have added their Twitter handles, where possible. We have also highlighted their locations to help you look for companies in specific countries. Naturally, there have been some changes to our original list: some new urls, a takeover, a couple of organizations have ceased trading, some companies have stopped focusing on competitive intelligence, and ISIS has unsurprisingly changed its name...

Here is our current directory of competitive intelligence specialists. If we have missed anyone out, please tweet @aquteintel

  1. Affinis, France
  2. AIM, USA
  3. Aqute Intelligence, USA, UK, @AquteIntel
  4. Aurora WDC, USA, @AuroraWDC
  5. AWARE, UK, @awareci
  6. Blue Ocean, India, @blueoceanmi
  7. Cascade Insights, USA, @cascadeinsight
  8. China Institute of Competitive Intelligence, China
  9. Cipher, USA, @CipherSisLLC
  10. CIS, USA, UK, China
  11. Clew, USA
  12. Combs Inc, USA
  13. Competia, Canada/Switzerland, @Competia
  14. DC Analytics, USA
  15. Die Denkfabrik, Germany, @think2know
  16. EMP Intelligence, UK, @Andrew_Pollard_
  17. European Agency, France, @EASI_IE
  18. Fletcher/CSI, USA, UK, @FletcherCSI
  19. Fred Wergeles, USA
  20. Fuld & Co, USA, UK, Philippines, @FuldCompany
  21. Global Intelligence Alliance, Finland HQ, global offices
  22. Helicon Group, USA
  23. I-Intelligence, Switzerland, @i_intelligence
  24. Info+Daten, Germany, @ipd+kg
  25. Inovis, USA
  26. Intelligentsia, UK HQ, global offices
  27. Ivy, Switzerland
  28. Kirk Tyson, USA
  29. MindShifts, Australia, @BabetteBen
  30. Miniera, Spain, @MinieraIC
  31. Nugwa, West Africa
  32. Octopus Intelligence, UK, @Octopusintell
  33. Perpetual Strategist, USA
  34. Proactive Worldwide, USA/China, @PWW
  35. Quantumiii, South Africa, @q3intel
  36. Rauch Associates, USA, UK, @RauchAssociates
  37. RivalScape, USA
  38. Sedulo, USA,
  39. Sharp Market, USA, @SeenaSharp
  40. The Business Intelligence Source, USA, @EllenNaylor
  41. Trinity Square, UK

You may be asking, why are we highlighting our own competitors? There aren't many service providers who cheerfully list their rivals on their websites. Primarily, we maintain this list because it is useful to companies that are looking for a competitive intelligence vendor. For example, most competitive intelligence agencies are relatively small, and their websites may get lost among general business and academic content devoted to competitive intelligence. In any case, competitive intelligence buyers are typically investigative types, who will find relevant agencies soon enough - the above list just saves time. And we like to think of our fellow competitive intelligence companies as healthy competition rather than business threats - there are good reasons why you would choose Aqute, and good reasons why you would choose someone else.

By publishing a list of what competitive intelligence companies are out there, and letting you see the scope of their offers, we are giving you a broader picture of competitive intelligence and how it can help you.

If you would like to find out how Aqute specifically can assist you with competitive intelligence insight, please get in touch with us.