Competitor Analysis Templates

It would be convenient to have a single competitor analysis template that could be rolled out as needed, populated and presented. All in one easy-to-use package. Unfortunately, that is not the way of things. The tables, charts and other such forms of presenting data will vary across companies, by competitor and by focus of research e.g. product comparisons, sales benchmarking and so on.

There are endless templates available online, of varying quality. Many are of the basic SWOT variety, which are perhaps more suited to academic study than to actionable research in real life businesses. Some are relevant for business use and presented in attractive formats that can be adapted easily to a company's style guidelines.

Below are a few examples that we use at Aqute. Ironically, most of what we do at Aqute is not direct comparisons of competitors all in one table or chart or slide, but in-depth analysis of indivdiual competitors, each of whom gets their own entire PowerPoint deck. But we do get to use some of these templates for comparing multiple companies in one place.

First, here is a basic SWOT table.


Next, same idea but comparing multiple competitors.


This template compares key, specific data across competitors.


The competitor analysis template below works well when two competitors are clearly differentiated, less well when they score similarly across categories.


Here is a different take of a comparison table, focused on sales or revenue performance.


The next competitor analysis template is a simple table for feature comparisons. More information could be conveyed with Harvey Balls, although those are not standard on PowerPoint.


Next up, one of many possible tables for summarizing key competitor metrics up front.


Here is one type of chart for representing visually how competitors compare against each other. Optionally, the size of the bubbles can be used to represent another data dimension.


One step further turns that chart into a chart where companies can be categorized in quadrants.


One could go on, and the best competitor analysis tables or charts are those you do yourself for your specific requirements. Perhaps the ones here can be a starting point.

These competitor analysis templates can be downloaded here (or via our competitive intelligence tools page).