Competitive intelligence software companies

We have blogged before about competitive intelligence companies, but we did not discuss a related type of competitive intelligence provider: competitive intelligence software companies.


Below is our current list of competitive intelligence software specialists. We have focused on companies that specifcally target competitive inelligence, rather than more general software including social media monitoring, press monitoring or business analytics, that also plays some role in competitive intelligence.

If we have missed anyone out, please tweet @aquteintel .

  1. AMI Software, EU, @amisoftwareintl

  2. AttaainCI, USA

  3. CI Radar, USA, @ciradar

  4. Cipher, USA, @ciphersysllc

  5. Clear CI, USA, @clearci

  6. Compelligence, USA, @compelligence

  7. Comintelli, USA, @comintelli

  8. Digimind, EU, @digimindci

  9. E-intelligent, EU, @eintelligent

  10. M-Brain, EU, @mbraingroup

  11. Plain Sight, Israel

  12. RivalMap, USA


It is difficult from the outside to compare the software platforms that these vendors provide. It may also be that, not surprisingly for competitive intelligence, they require custom setups so there is no standard product to compare. As such, we cannot recommend any of them, but hopefully having a list in one place provides a convenient starting point for evaluating these vendors.