Industry conferences and events offer a bountiful supply of competitor information. Like Christmas, they come but once a year, but when they do, they overflow with useful intelligence. Pound for pound, trade shows are some of the most effective sources of competitor intelligence.

Companies cannot conduct much competitive intelligence at each other's events. Employees are often limited by their employers from being too inquisitive about competitor products at such events. Not to mention that it is an intensive time drain - getting the most from such events can mean full day participation in workshops and talks, often into the evening.

Relying on press reports is useful to a point. Such reports lack detail, they lack the perspective of your own position. They usually cover only keynotes rather than the many product and industry sessions or the informal conversations among attendees. Below the very top tier of events, such as CES, coverage is limited.


Better instead to hire someone to go on your behalf, with your agenda. Someone who has been to such events and knows how to take useful notes, how to react to opportunities for information on the day, how to pick the right sessions relevant to your company, how to blend in. Someone experienced in producing end-of-day reports for a full program of talks and sessions. Obviously, we mean us.

What can you expect from a trade show report?

  • Full details of announcements about products, partners, roadmaps, pricing changes and whatever else is covered at the event.
  • Thorough reports of individual sessions, with relevant images from key slides. As much detail as if you had attended yourself (without the effort of having to type everything out).
  • Commentary on nuances such as how much importance is given to each industry or product, whether the competitor makes reference to your company, what kind of people attended, how engaged were the partners who attended, who had the biggest booths and so on.
  • Qualitative analysis of attendee sentiment and the mood at the event. Are there clues as to how energized the competitor is, or how happy customers are with its products?

Aqute will deliver, daily, a full report from the event. At the end of the event we can provide an executive summary that takes a step back and summarizes key conclusions and take-aways.

"Oh the places you'll go".

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