Trade shows are a goldmine of intelligence.

The challenge for most companies is that, although the information is there for all to see, it is difficult to systematically harvest competitor information without raising suspicions.

As a neutral third party, with analysts who are unknown in your industry, we can take the time required at trade stands, conference talks and seminars to gather the insights you need.

Gathering competitive intelligence at trade shows and conferences is time-consuming and must be handled sensitively, but it can yield remarkable results. Professional events are typically occasions when employees are eager to sell, which makes them eager to talk and share their knowledge of their products and corporate strategy.

In addition to complete updates from each day of a corporate event, we provide a summary of our conclusions and take-aways.

Product and service updates

Our analysts gather in-depth intelligence about new products and services, bolstered by conversations with company representatives. These in-person conversations enable us to extract insights about your competitors’ weaknesses and the opportunities they present.

Slide sharing and speech reviews

By attending breakout sessions and Q&As, we can capture evidence and gauge the mood in the room – which can be as useful as the corporate announcements.

Nuanced commentary

How much importance does your competitor put on a particular product or market? Our analysts define the nature of your competitive threats, including:

  • Whether your company was mentioned

  • Who attends each session

  • How people respond to key points

Sentiment analysis

Qualitative analysis of attendee sentiment enables you to truly gauge the mood of the event – without ever setting room in the conference hall.

"Great analysis that I can present to the senior leadership team".