Product development

Product launches need analysis from multiple angles. What's already been tried? What currently exists? How do you model the impact of your entry? Face it, you need to get your launch spot-on. It could be your one chance to enter the market.

Aqute will deliver a foundation on which you can make sound decisions.

Market landscape

  • How is the market segmented?
  • How will the market develop?
  • What opportunities are still available?
  • What are the regulatory limitations?

Market participants

  • Which companies compete in this market?
  • Who are the winners and losers?
  • What characterises a successful participant?
  • How will they react to your entry?

Competing products

  • What competing products are on offer?
  • Is there a gap for you?
  • Why will your product be accepted or rejected?
  • What are the price points of existing products


And you can use our competitive intelligence to assess what your competitors plan to launch. Maybe they have joined a new industry association, filed a patent, or opened a new office in Helsinki. The clues are all there.

Consistently monitoring these leaks warns you early of competitor product plans. We will help you map a competitor’s product roadmap. All the small details that together make up the compelling evidence.


Before you start the launch stage of your product development, contact Aqute.

"Your weekly reports set up all our other research".