You’ve got one opportunity to launch successfully. One chance to get everything right.

It’s hardly surprising that companies like yours want to make informed choices before launching a new service or product.

In particular, it’s vital to know what your competitors are working on, what they’re preparing, when they’re launching – and what new features they are bringing to the market.

Competitive intelligence for product development

Our analysts use a huge variety of secondary research methods, as well as primary research, to build a complete picture of the threats and opportunities to your own product development.

With our research, you can fully understand the market landscape, market participants and competing products that are likely to impact on your product development.

Market landscape

Your analyst will answer questions like:

  • How is the market segmented?

  • How will the market develop?

  • What opportunities are still untapped?

  • What are the regulatory limitations?

Market participants

We build a portrait of the market, including:

  • Key competitors

  • Winners and losers

  • Characteristics of successful participants

  • Anticipated reaction to your entrance

Competing products

Our research will uncover a complete view of the market, including:

  • Current offerings

  • Gaps in the market

  • Potential reasons why your product would be accepted or rejected

  • Price points