Knowing your competitors' sales pitch and pricing structure can give you an edge. Before going to market with your sales plan, find out how they sell. Competitive intelligence can give you highly detailed information – about what competitors tell their customers, and how they close sales opportunities. We'll also make intelligence about pricing, packages, service levels and CRM readily available.

The result will be better positioning. You can anticipate gaps in your offering and preempt competitors' claims. We'll help dislodge competitors, too. We'll tell you who they are, what customers like about them and where they're failing.

Specific competitor analysis

  • How does your competitor find customers?
  • Who are their customers and their flagship accounts?
  • What's their sales pitch?
  • What's their pricing structure?
  • What do customers like and dislike about them?
  • Where do they allocate marketing spend?

Overall market analysis

  • Which markets are untapped?
  • Which markets are most crowded?
  • Who competes with you in each market?
  • What do customers in each market want?
  • Which gaps in the market are you best placed to fill?

"Reliable, excellent information".