Your competitors can make your sales pitches redundant – without you ever knowing it.

If you’ve ever encountered blank expressions or awkward silences in sales meetings, it might be because you’re offering something that your competitors have rendered obsolete, or because your product is half as effective as the alternative.

Our corporate intelligence services use a variety of primary and secondary research techniques and sources to explore how your competitors are selling their products and services. We produce detailed information about their offerings, how they pitch, what they focus on and what they omit, so that you can prepare for sales meetings with a clear understanding of your competition.

By understanding your competitors, you can position yourself perfectly to capitalize on their weaknesses, and also prepare counter propositions when you know competitors have an advantage.

Inform your sales strategy with competitive intelligence

Our analysts can help you understand:

  • How does your competitor find customers?

  • Who are your competitors’ customers – and their flagship accounts?

  • What is your competitor’s sales pitch?

  • What do customers like about your competitors?

  • How do your customers allocate their marketing budget?

"We are using these competitor profiles to create our new sales strategy".