Competitive surveys

Competitive surveys are a powerful tool for helping salespeople know what they are up against.

Competitor analysis reports deliver some insight about what influences the buying decisions of a competitor's customers. But they tend to cover these questions in broad strokes, as there is much else to cover - features, financials, pricing, channel, etc. Sometimes you need a more quantitative drill-down into what a competitor's customers are doing.

  • What kind of companies are buying from the competitor? What kind of people at those companies?
  • What do the competitor's customers think about the competitor?
  • Why did they buy from the competitor?
  • Why did they reject the alternatives?
  • What parts fo the sales process were influential?
  • How satisfied are they with the product, the services, the support?
  • How much are they paying? What are the pricing elements?
  • What might make them consider an alternative at renewal time?


Aqute is not a general survey company - we only run surveys that help you understand your competitors and beat them in sales situations. Our surveys are telephone based interviews, and include verbatim responses to provide rich color beyond the numbers.   

We run surveys as an end-to-end service, including collaborative writing of the survey questions, finding the respondents and running the survey in-house through completion. Because the surveys are executed fully in-house by our competitive intelligence analysts, we guarantee completion and high-quality responses.

We deliver the results in Excel format and the conclusions is PowerPoint. That gives you an executive summary to use quickly and the full set of responses to dissect further at your leisure.


If you want to know what your competitor's customers are thinking, a survey may be the answer. Contact Aqute today.

"Very useful research that we will disseminate across our sales teams globally".