You need competitive intelligence. If your competitors are winning, you need to know why. If you are the one winning, you need to check your rear-view mirror.

Using exhaustive secondary and primary research, Aqute delivers factual, detailed competitive intelligence. We are rigorous and methodical, and we deliver the best competitive intelligence possible. 

Read competitive intelligence case studies of projects that Aqute has undertaken.

Competitor finances

Topline revenue numbers are available to anyone. But how about the financial performance of unlisted companies? Revenue by department? By sales team? Percentage of revenue from top 10 clients? The cost of a particular facility?

Competitor organization

We build the deep organization charts that no one else has. They reveal how competitors are positioning key employees for market developments. Divisional headcount can show a competitor’s strengths against yours. And knowing the personalities of senior staff can help you predict their next moves.

Competitor product roadmap

Product roadmaps are highly sought-after, and direct indicators of a competitor's intentions. Let us tell you the products your competitor is developing and when they'll launch.

Competitor customer base

Want to steal your competitors' customers? Finding customer details is harder than finding financials, but we have our ways. We will tell you who the customers are, how much they are spending and how likely they are to switch.

Competitor ecosystem

Your competitors' ecosystems can reveal gaps they are trying to fill, product launch intentions and points of attack. We will break down all the members of an ecosystem, from primary suppliers to end customers.