Aqute works with the world’s leading technology companies, analyzing competitors’ operations to extract a competitive advantage.

Technology companies are in a perpetual arms race against existing competitors, and always looking over their shoulders for the next hot startup to bite at their heels. Business models can be threatened overnight, and staying ahead of competitors is vital.

We give our clients in-depth analysis of competitors’ internal operations. Organization charts. IT infrastructure. Capital expenditure. We distil thousands of data points to build a clear and highly detailed picture of a competitor. Aqute’s ability to analyze vast swathes of secondary research into actionable conclusions, enables our clients to find weak points and anticipate attacks.

Aqute also uses extensive primary research to analyze competitors’ sales efforts and operational structure, from capital expenditure to breaking out national reseller networks.

Most frequently, we work with clients to dissect competitors’ sales operations: from specific breakdown of pricing, to the organizational structure of the sales team. Aqute delivers intelligence that helps clients position their own sales pitch better, and win customers away from competitors.