Competitive intelligence in retail involves some of the most demanding research that companies undertake, testing the cutting edge of primary techniques.


The retail industry is ferociously competitive. With high volumes and constant price visibility, competitors are continuously on the lookout for the smallest of advantages against each other. Retailers are stretched on multiple fronts. Pushing to develop innovation in their own product lines; fighting for new geographical and online territory; and slashing costs along their supply chains. Customer demand for value has pushed competitors to monitor each other’s offerings with an intensity that no other industry can match. And the current climate of austerity has made life more difficult for retailers.

To defend market share that is under relentless pressure from competitors, our clients stay ever alert to what their competitors are doing. We work with retailers to avoid surprises and blind spots. We devise strategies to neutralize competitive threats.

Aqute helps retailers benchmark their supply operations. We provide the data with which clients can compare themselves against the best in the industry. What payment terms are suppliers offering to other retailers? What are the lowest delivery costs in the industry? Where are competitors buying packaging supplies?

We also deliver insight into what competitors are planning to do next. Early signs of a new product range. Planning applications to local authorities. Intelligence that helps avoids surprises.

Our competitive intelligence in the retail industry goes beyond the bread and butter of price monitoring and mystery shopping. Aqute answers difficult questions about where competitors might have an advantage. We deliver insight that you can turn into a sustainable competitive edge.