Competitive intelligence in manufacturing is about survival in an industry that has been under pressure for decades.

Operational benchmarking is an imperative in the ongoing quest to achieve the leanest manufacturing model, the most efficient supply chain, the lowest cost. We help clients dissect their competitors’ supply chains. Where are competitors buying products. How much are they paying. What are the packaging and logistics arrangements. We find out where competitors are getting better terms. From procurement to manufacturing to marketing to sales, competitive analysis helps manufacturers to stay ahead of their competition.

Our competitive intelligence extracts best practice from competitors. At the front end of their operations, manufacturers must stay ahead of any innovation from their competitors, to satisfy customer demand. Not least, manufacturers are in a race for greener business practices. Our competitor analysis helps clients navigate their way past competitors.

If competitors are able to source more cheaply, manufacture more efficiently, or sell better – we will help our clients find out how.

Succeeding against these new threats means understanding unfamiliar competitors. New competitors that manufacturers in the US and Europe know little about rivals that may never have appeared on our clients’ radars before. Public information about these competitors is not easily available. That is where Aqute comes in. We have extensive experience researching competitors in some of the most inaccessible countries. Our localized, primary intelligence leaves no stone unturned.