We work with some of the world’s leading life sciences companies to stay one step ahead of competitors’ plans.

Life sciences companies are some of the world’s leading practitioners of competitive intelligence. Aqute works with life sciences companies of all sizes, keeping a sharp eye out for what competitors will do next.

With so much revenue dependent on product pipelines, life sciences competitive intelligence is intensely focused on competitors’ product development plans. Aqute has extensive experience predicting and tracking competitor launches. In a heavily regulated industry, secondary research plays an important role in this work. We help clients spot the signs of competitor activity through regulatory filings, using innovative approaches to identify early signs of competitors’ moves.

Our deep primary research helps clients unravel the ecosystems that their competitors use to bring products to market. We can track new factory constructions or significant activity in importing raw materials. Primary research also helps us break down competitors’ partner networks, locally and in offshore markets.

Aqute also works with life sciences companies at ground level to dissect their competitors’ marketing efforts among doctors and hospitals. We track competitor activity at trade shows. And we use our extensive network to stay on top of what our clients' competitors are telling their customers.