Aqute helps financial services clients to differentiate themselves from competitors in the cut-throat fight for customers.

Financial services is a deeply competitive industry. Banks, credit card companies and insurers are some of the most heavily regulated businesses anywhere, making it tough to launch new strategies against competitors.

This is also one of the fastest moving industries. Every day brings new rules, new challenges, new opportunities. Competitors are finding new ways to navigate those rules and pitch their services to customers. Recent years have seen a huge amount of merger and acquisition activity across the sector, making it difficult to keep track of what competitors are doing. The continued transition to online services means that competitors are changing their offerings and their customer communications more often than ever. Never before has it been so complex to stay current with what competitors are doing.

Aqute’s exhaustive secondary research and our well-established primary methodologies will ensure you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Segmentation of a competitor’s customer base. Full details of their marketing spend. Complete analysis of product launch plans.

We help financial clients anticipate competitive threats, and defend accordingly. With financial services companies experiencing some of the most intense pressure in their history, the competitive edge that Aqute delivers can make a significant difference.