Competitive Intelligence in CPG

Aqute works with consumer goods companies at the front and back end of their operations: to create better supply chains, and sell more products.

Consumer goods companies work on the narrowest of margins. Aggressive competition is a constant reality, and consumer goods manufacturers are continually looking for information about where competitors may be getting a better deal, or selling more successfully. In a very fast-moving industry, consumer goods companies face daily competition to keep prices low, and deliver innovative products. Market share fluctuates on a regular basis. New challenges, such as carbon footprints, arrive every year.

At the manufacturing end, we help clients dissect their competitors’ supply chains. Where are they buying products. How much are they paying. What are the packaging and logistics arrangements. We find out where competitors are getting better terms.

At the sales end, Aqute helps clients to negotiate with retailers and reach consumers. We show clients where competitors are performing better. On what terms are competitors dealing with retailers. What are competitors spending on their marketing campaigns. What are competitors planning to do next.

From procurement to manufacturing to marketing to sales, competitive analysis helps consumer goods companies to stay ahead of their competition. If competitors are able to source more cheaply, manufacture more efficiently, or sell better – we will help our clients find out how.

Our wide-ranging sweep of secondary sources helps us keep track of your competitors’ movements at the earliest opportunity. Our global capabilities in primary research are ideal for competitive intelligence along a complete supply chain.


If you are in consumer packaged goods, contact Aqute today to discuss competitive intelligence.