As a competitive intelligence analyst at Aqute, you will be researching competitors for clients ranging from fast growing startups to Fortune 100 companies. Your projects will span a wide range of industries – autonomous cars, medical devices, SaaS software, CPG packaging and many other business areas.

You will manage projects end to end: identifying sources of information, conducting fieldwork and presenting the completed research.


Information research. This is the core of what we do. Using a wide range of sources to find information that is difficult to obtain. Online and in the real world. Some of it is simple but time-consuming, like reading 2,000 LinkedIn profiles. Or difficult like finding a company's supplier in China. There will be telephone conversations with people who know things.

Report writing. You will be responsible for creating the PowerPoint presentations that we deliver to clients. You don’t need to be a PowerPoint 1%er – ‘somewhat handy’ will do. You do need to be obsessive about detail, proofreading and spoting your own errors.

Liaising with clients. This is not a sales job. Only a small part of your job will involve client contact, but in those precious minutes, you should represent Aqute confidently. Our clients can detect bluffing at a hundred paces.


Excellent online search skills. This is not your grandmother’s Googling. You need to be a search 0.01%er who could teach Boole a thing OR two.

Comfortable with telephone conversations. Much of your work will involve talking to people who have better things to do. Charm and persistence will take you far.

Perseverance. Often, it will not be obvious where you can find the information you need. Your go-to sources may turn up nothing. You will need new ideas. And perseverance until you find the answers.

Ability to understand an industry quickly. You do not have to be an expert in a particular industry, but you must be able to learn the key dynamics of a new industry very quickly. You will need to sound intelligent when talking to people in technical fields about which you have limited knowledge.

Strong analytical skills. When you have all the information in place, you will need to join the dots. Advanced skills like SQL or VBA are not relevant, but what we deliver is more than just data – you must be able to take a step back and tie everything together.

Uneasy about leaving stones unturned. We need analysts who are thorough, exhaustive, nervous about leaving sources untapped.

Discretion. Our clients expect discretion, and so do we. The less the world knows your name, the better.


It would be unusual if you were not a graduate from a top university with several years of work experience. But those are not requirements. The best competitive intelligence analysts are often unusual people.

If you are drawn to the intensive research that we do, we would love to talk to you. You will be paid handsomely, deeply cherished by your colleagues and we can be very flexible in the work arrangements that suit you.

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