Do you have an unquenchable thirst for details?

We are always looking for new competitive intelligence analysts to join our global team, so please explore the requirements and responsibilities below, and give us a call if you’re interested. We offer competitive salaries and a supportive working environment.


Intelligence gathering. You will use a huge variety of search tools, as well as offline research and telephone interviews, to gather intelligence that can transform our clients’ fortunes.

Report writing. Clear communication is vital, as are the skills to assemble PowerPoint presentations that our clients can act on.

Client liaison. Having gathered intelligence, your role will include presenting information to our clients and providing any necessary context.


Search. You’ll be comfortable using advanced search tools and niche platforms for specialist information.

Telephone interviews. You’ll be good at getting people talking – even when they’ve got better things to do.

Perseverance. The most valuable information is rarely easy to uncover. You’ll need to keep digging to get the gold.

Flexibility. As you switch between clients in wildly different industries, you’ll need to become an instant expert in new fields.

Analytical thinking. Having gathered intelligence, you’ll need to see the bigger picture and give an assessment of the overall meaning.

Discretion. We’re not spies, but we do have to be discrete, and respect our client’s need for privacy.


You may be a graduate with several years of work experience, but that is not mandatory. Some of our brightest competitive intelligence analysts come from left-field backgrounds.

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