Who are your competitors? Any company that threatens your revenue. Identify them, then you can analyze them in detail and plot their downfall.


"Lucid thinking that we haven't been able to get anywhere else"


Their strengths and weaknesses

Competitive analysis of strengths and weaknesses can tell you what the competition will do next, where they will try to undermine you and where you can hit them back. It is a compass as you navigate the competitive race.

Why they just did that

The real reasons behind new hires, product launches or patent filings. Competitive analysis will pinpoint their strategic intent.

Where they are spending money

They just spent a fortune on a new data center, or on government lobbying. Why? Competitive analysis from Aqute will tell you.

What their company structure indicates

Strengths of new employees. Reasons behind restructuring. The rationale of new office locations. Competitive analysis can tell you which new products are about to launch or the new segments your competitor wants to target.