By understanding your competitors, you can anticipate their next move.

Without knowledge of competitors’ major moves and strategic goals, you can find your own initiatives are destined to fail, before they’ve even launched.

Our analysts know how to get beyond the headlines and gather hard-to-find insights into your competitors. By using the right mix of 350+ possible data sources, plus dozens of original interviews, we assemble the evidence that enables us to assess the threats and opportunities presented by your competitors.

There’s a good chance that your competitors gather intelligence routinely. Can you afford to remain in the dark?


"Lucid thinking that we haven't been able to get anywhere else".


Competitive analysis: how it works

You may have a specific brief, focused on a particular threat or opportunity that you want to address. Or you may need a general overview of the competitive landscape. Whatever your requirements, we will work together to define the research brief and agree the deliverables.

Depending on the nature of your requirements, we will assign a number of analysts to your project and select a suite of research tools and methods to gather your intelligence. This typically includes original telephone interviews – usually an essential step to access information that isn’t shared publicly.

Competitor strengths and weaknesses

Before you can outflank your competitors, you must know what they’re planning. Public announcements and annual reports may give some indication to major moves, but the details are usually limited, if they exist at all.

Our analysts expose the truth about what your competitors are doing well and where they’re struggling.

Competitor strategy

Without competitive intelligence, you would have to resort to guesswork to try to understand your competitors’ evolving strategy. We provide deep insights – not available publicly – that enable you to make bold moves confidently.

Competitor spending

Predict major moves, analyze product launches and identify opportunities to out-smart your competitors. Our analysts can delve deep into your competitors’ activities, using a wide variety of research tools and telephone interviews, to create a clear picture of your competitors’ spending.

Company structures

Organizational structures tell you a great deal about a company’s priorities and strategies. By using a selection of our research tools, public jobs information and telephone interviews, our analysts can give you an up-to-date corporate structure for your key competitors.