Women in competitive intelligence

In some respects, competitive intelligence could be perceived as a male profession. Military metaphors abound. It is compulsory to quote Sun Tzu, or military leaders such as Napoleon. Comparisons are made to government intelligence agencies which, at least in popular conception, are male dominated. In the background lurk the likes of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond.

But women abound in competitive intelligence. 

From Amelia Kassel to Zena Applebaum, including some of the most followed competitive intelligence tweeters such as Estelle Metayer, Emily Rushing and Ellen Naylor.

80% of the SLA Competitive Intelligence Division board are women. As are 75% of the board of the AIIP, and around two thirds of AIIP members listed for competitive intelligence.

It is difficult to tell what the split is among clients - among our own clients it is probably 40% women.

Where women seem to be least represented is among our own kind - competitive intelligence vendors. Looking through 42 competitive intelligence companies, only five seem to be led by women: CompetiaDC Analytics, Intelligence Source, Sharp Market Intelligence and Trinity Square. Only two of the 14 SCIP board members are women.