Who is the most influential competitive intelligence tweeter of 2010?

Competitive intelligence analysts are by nature a secretive (paranoid) bunch. But a few of them have taken to Twitter (notable exceptions are Fuld & Co and Kroll), and it would be interesting to see who have been the most influential. The first step is to identify competitive intelligence tweeters: by trawling through @aquteintel's subscriptions, and the subscriptions of those people, and so on; and searching Twitter for competitive intelligence tweets; and a couple of other methods. Some of these were not really competitive intelligence tweeters (for example they focused on social media), and some were borderline (e.g. more librarian than CI), so they were filtered out (apologies to anyone who has been mistakenly left out). The next step was to find out the Klout scores for each of these tweeters. Klout is not perfect, but neither is any methodology, and it's the flavour du jour, so better than nothing.

So who won? Who is the most influential competitive intelligence tweeter? Well, not too surprisingly, it is competitive intelligence star @competia (Estelle Metayer). Always busy, always posting interesting links and pushing new subjects. Congratulations, Estelle! Below is Estelle's Klout chart:

Tied for second place were three other good competitive intelligence tweeters, 8of12, arikjohnson and ericgarland