Using Recorded Future for competitive intelligence (update)

In an earlier post on this blog, we discussed the use of Recorded Future for competitive intelligence. That previous writeup did not include any live examples, so here are some below, which again probe how competitive intelligence may be obtained from Recorded Future. These examples below are from an alert created to monitor competitive intelligence about aircraft manufacturer Boeing:

The above example shows clearly how Recorded Future is making "predictions" about what may lie ahead for Boeing; it should be quite straightforward to incorporate such predictions into a market intelligence database, and ongoing profiles of Boeing from a competitive standpoint.

Replicating these results manually on a search engine might be possible but is less efficient and more time-consuming. Many of Recorded Future's own deductions come from publicly available content - the value is in the ease of access to this information that Recorded Future enables, as well as in their algorithm for piecing together different bits of information. But manual searches might supplement the Recorded Future alerts. For example, searches like this and this would be a good start, and would be useful in a competitive intelligence project.