Using Recorded Future for competitive intelligence

Recorded Future is back in the news as a result of a Wired profile on the company. Google and the CIA are both investors.

Recorded Future tries to predict the future. The most accessible way in which it does this is to map publicly available statements by people and companies about what they will do. For example, if LG said that a new TV model will be out in summer 2011, Recorded Future takes note and "plots" that on a time curve for LG. This YouTube video explains the technology:

Recorded Future's YouTube channel is here, with more videos.

The company's blog is here; see for example this post about predicting what Hezbollah would do. More relevantly for most competitive intelligence analysts, Recorded Future can be set to monitor future events for a company or sector. This kind of simple monitoring can be done for free; a premium subscription level costs $149 a month. The table below shows the differences between the two levels (click to enlarge).

Recorded Future is worth trying out; even its most simple level is the type of data gathering that very, very few competitive intelligence teams do because it is resource intensive.