Using InfoMinder for competitive intelligence

One type of competitive intelligence tool that we keep forgetting to use, are those that monitor website pages for changes. Such tools allow users to specify web pages to monitor, and the software alerts users automatically when a page changes. There are many times when monitoring a website can be useful in competitive intelligence, for example when awaiting product announcements or analyzing hiring patterns.

A good example of such a tool is InfoMinder (included in our list of competitive intelligence tools). InfoMinder suggest some of the potential uses of their tool, including:

  • Tracking websites that publish RFPs, which with further work can show which competitors tendered and what they submitted
  • Monitoring job listings (although many of job listings services have RSS feeds and email subscriptions which make such tools as InfoMinder less useful)
  • Tracking announcements from competitors, for example new products, partnerships and customer wins. This is probably where we find such tools most useful

And there are other suggested uses here - InfoMinder can be used to track competitors, blogs, grant proposals, government websites and reports, forums, social media, news websites and to some extent for product tracking. Users can import their own bookmarks into the InfoMinder website to allow the system to track changes to these websites. Once information is collected, the data can be exported for further analysis. 

InfoMinder is not free, but at $30 a year for the starting level, that is cheap enough to make it a 'disposable' competitive intelligence tool; and the software is available on a 30 day free trial.