Tracking IP transfers for competitive intelligence

One of the competitive intelligence areas we find difficult to monitor is the transfer of intellectual property. It is easy enough to sift through patents but who has licensed that IP, and who is using it commercially?

Usually we turn to a variety of industry-specific monitoring services. One such is Technology Transfer Tactics, a monthly subscription newsletter. The same company produces a number of other newsletters, such as Intellectual Property Marketing Advisor, IP Marketing eNews, so their focus is clearly on intellectual property in general.

They are a nuts and bolts guide for research commercialization, and broadly independent. The newsletter is not great for broad searches (e.g. who has commericalized this patent, or what patents has Pfizer commercialized), so it's more likely to be one of those services that contributes to general understanding, and to serendipity. To be 'on top' of IP commercialization requires cobbling together many of these alert services, which is more or less how Aqute approaches the subject.