Solusource and competitive intelligence

Solusource is a website that can be used for competitive intelligence and competitor analysis. The site's parent company is the Thomas Publishing Company, which has its roots in providing industrial information (and therefore, competitive intelligence) for over 100 years.

The site itself is easy to use in order to access competitor's information. One simply visits the site, and is greeted to a search engine right on the homepage. From there, the query can be input by several means – by global products, suppliers by category, or by company name. The site is available in eleven different languages as well.

One can also sign up for the World Industrial Reporter from this site, and receive periodic updates that can be used for competitive analysis.

Suppliers are welcome to input their own product information at no charge from the company – so this could be viewed as both a plus and a minus from the perspective of competitive intelligence. The up side to it is that the information is ready directly from the supplier or manufacturer, with no hunting necessary on the part of the inquirer. The down side is that it comes directly from the supplier or manufacturer, so the information can be curtailed and censored accordingly.

Another factor in favor of using Solusource for competitive intelligence is that the search parameters are flexible. One can look for global products, or category, or search for a specific company. If an inquirer is looking for information on cameras, a search for that term under “category” will bring up a wealth of information, organized so that the inquirer can narrow it down further until he or she finds what they're looking for, no matter where on earth the industries are located.

Overall, Solusource is a convenient search engine to use for competitive intelligence.