Searching Twitter and Facebook with competitive intelligence

Kurrently is a search engine that posts real-time results from Facebook and Twitter, with an automatic refresh.

Kurrently is simple to use and requires no sign up or membership to get results. Simply visit the website, enter search terms, and Kurrently will scour Facebook and Twitter for any entry that includes the chosen words. The results can be divided between Twitter and Facebook, so the page is not overwhelming.

The upside and downside happen to be the exact same thing: the scope of the search. When used for competitive intelligence, the results can be as enlightening as they are frustrating.

For example, the search term “nail salon” received the following useful results for Twitter:

  • New type of manicure causing buzz in nail salons: It's a manicure that guarantees no chipping or smudging, dries...[website here]
  • 35min [sic] for a full set of LCN nails, and they look beautiful. Beat that,othernail [sic] salons.

and, the following not-so-useful results for Twitter:

  • Fun day at work with @[username] He now loves nail salons
  • Don't call me a creep but I love the way nail salons smell
  • I guess this how boys feel at hair salons & nail salons

So the most difficult part is not being able to input more detailed search parameters, such as searching for Tweets and Facebook posts that are ONLY from businesses and services. The useful ones, from competitors, at least show that they have a new type of manicure available, and how fast competitors can produce results, but there is an element of wading through the junk posts in order to mine the gold.

Overall, Kurrently is a fairly good tool, and further upgrades will hopefully enhance its competitive intelligence usefulness.