Google advanced search for competitive intelligence

Today I found out about the AROUND Google search operator. It lets you find words near each other; see this writeup. I also learnt that the site operator can be used as '' to restrict searches to 'business' websites.

The more advanced Google search operators are alluring, but are they ever really useful in competitive intelligence searches? Any good searcher uses the Boolean operators. Some of the advanced operators are used so commonly by experienced searchers that they hardly feel advanced any more: link, site, filetype. Those are all good.

It is difficult to see how some of the other advanced operators could be really useful in a competitive intelligence search: cache, inurl, daterange, '..' and '*'. Theoretically, yes but in practice? There are few instances when these operators improve significantly on a normal Google search, and a natural paranoia of a hardcore searcher means you will probably do the broader, more basic search anyway.

Meanwhile, the one missing search operator that would be really useful is 'inhtml', letting you search html code rather than the displayed content. That would allow the kind of searches that builtwith provides.