GageIn: possible uses for sales competitive intelligence

GageIn is an information network that allows businesses to gather data and combines sales, marketing, and research on a single platform. It is a user-friendly resource that may be used in competitive intelligence environments. Membership is free and can be used by confirmed businesses only (there are upgrades that have costs attached).

GageIn can be used to access information regarding competitors – content that is relevant for competitive intelligence. The information is easily accessed through a friendly graphical user interface that allows for a number of different filters – letting the user cut through the sizzle and get to the steak of the companies they're researching. The content with each profile includes traditional pieces such as news coverage and press releases, but also includes modern items, such as Twitter feeds, Facebook comments, and relevant YouTube videos.

The marketing tool can help with competitive analysis by letting the user measure any company's marketing performance and track social media updates in real time. For example, on the Daily Dashboard, a user can access information on the top five companies and top five media relevant to those companies. This can be extremely useful when collecting information regarding multiple corporations.

The GageIn platform has an added bonus not directly related to competitive intelligence, but still highly useful – the sales portion – it allows the user to monitor prospect and client updates, generate leads by gathering news updates, and, with the advanced search tools, allows the user to input parameters that will return prospecting results.

The drawback to this particular platform is that it gives more tools than a person specifically searching for competitive intelligence needs. When using the platform for competitive intelligence applications only, the user may find that all the extras make the program cumbersome, and may be put off.

GageIn gives an abundance of information on competitors for analysis. It may be more than some companies need, but it is useful for those who would like more for their company.