Facebook > Twitter, among big companies (competitive intelligence)

A quick exercise in counting the Twitter followers and Facebook fans of the biggest companies in the US shows mixed performance.


  • Of the very largest companies, only WalMart has a good presence on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 2 companies have 100,000+ Twitter followers: Dell, Microsoft.
  • 15 companies have 100,000+ Facebook fans: Target, WalMart, Best Buy, Verizon, Walgreen, AT&T, Ford, Dell, GM, Microsoft, Sears, Home Depot, CostCo, Lowe's, HP.
  • Average number of Twitter followers: 44,000.
  • Average number of Facebook fans: 189,000.

Here is the full data. Offered without much comment, other than in the general context of competitive intelligence: it is not as simple as comparing numbers and praising/criticising based on that.