Extracting competitive intelligence from Indeed job trends

Indeed is a job aggregator website, and does an excellent job of consolidating jobs from many individual job websites. Features such as easy RSS feeds make it amenable to deep analysis. It is a core tool of many competitive intelligence projects. One of its relatively hidden, but useful, features shows charts of job listings for specified keywords. This means that jobs for two competing technologies can be charted against each other. For example, here is the chart for Java vs .NET:

It should be easy to see how that might provide some competitive intelligence data for Oracle or Microsoft, or other related companies. And here are the trends for jobs at Ford and GM:

Again, that could provide competitive intelligence for either Ford or GM, or any of their own competitors. Of course, there are caveats, of the type that applies to a lot of search terms: GM may mean "genetically modified" for example, but the results are likely a good indication of the relative trends nonetheless.

Indeed also offers a salary comparison tool. This is less directly useful for competitive intelligence, but may provide some tangential insights. For example, this chart about salaries at companies of different sizes: