Easy visualizations for presenting competitive analysis

Visually (aka Visual.ly) is a site that offers graphical solutions for presentations that are data-heavy, through a library of data visualizations and a tool for creating similar visualizations. It is best for those who are not experts at creating beautiful visual graphics for data assimilation. Visually allows the user to create data presentations with “push-button” infographics.

At the moment, much of Visually is beta-only, or yet to be developed, particularly the tools for helping users create their own visualizations. The bulk of the website is its library of thousands of existing visualizations.

For the future, the website promises to a multitude of styles and colors to choose from, and will allow the user to customize the data visualizations as necessary – no more boring graphics that put members of the board to sleep – these are designed to be appealing and interesting for the presenter as well as the attendees to any meeting.

While not a direct competitive intelligence tool, Visually can be part of the competitive intelligence process via improvements to presentation. It always helps to improve a presentation – especially when it comes to delivering information that is packed with data – it makes data easier to sort through, and a good visual aid will always help with retention of facts and figures.

Essentially, Visually provides a great support service for competitive intelligence by improving the demonstration factor and giving a clean visual of compact and often difficult-to-follow data.