Customer analysis with competitive intelligence

Traction is a site that plans to launch 'soon' (they have had a front page up for a good while now) and is currently set up to take email addresses for sending official launch invitations. Traction promises to deliver a great deal in the area of competitive intelligence.

This new site promises three main things:

  1. Traction will mine competitor's social media accounts. Which social media accounts currently remain unknown, but they likely will be Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  2. It promises to offer opportunities to expand in any given industry by analysis of competitor's social media accounts.
  3. Traction is planning to offer the ability to see a “who's who” of competitor's customers and enable correspondence with competitor's current clients.

We do not know much else about what Traction will look like. A subscription or membership may be necessary, although what kinds of memberships would be offered is also an unknown.

Traction promises much, although until they launch for certain it remains to be seen whether the service will be a decent data miner and analyzer that delivers results, or an overwhelming, bulky application that doesn't do much but return basic search algorithms.

Our hopes of a real launch are not high, as the site has been in pre-launch for a long time, but the website will stay on our radar and we await a potential launch with interest.