Competitor intelligence techniques #1

The first competitor intelligence technique that we will feature is the search phrase "customers include competitor_name". What this will reveal is who are your competitor's suppliers. Featuring some examples will be the easiest way to see what kind of competitor intelligence this search phrase will yield.

  • Searching for "customers include Panasonic" shows that Panasonic works with 115 Solutions in Australia for digital signage, DSP Group for VoIP chipsets, Cornell Dubilier for aluminium electrolytic capacitors, Tylon Corp for casing components and Suzhou Saili Co for precision tools.
  • Searching for "customers include British Airways" shows that British Airways works with Stark for energy monitoring, Redashe for maintenance equipment, Gate Gourmet for food, Exterior Lighting for lighting controls and MEL Group for repairs.

In fact, for each example above there are dozens of suppliers listed - these are just the top five results in each instance.