Competitor analysis through web scraping

Mozenda is a paid service allowing the users to build a competitive intelligence agent to extract information such as pricing data, from websites for in-depth analysis. It is touted as simple to use (“point-and-click” is the phrase seen most often on the front page), and has a friendly interface that allows the user to walk through each step.

The best application for this site would be to analyze what competitors have to offer, and their current pricing. For example, if a clothing retailer would like to see what their competitor is offering for the Winter season, they would simply build an agent by inputting the competitor's URL, selecting the proper parameters, and running the agent. The agent would return the information defined by these search parameters, complete with item names, prices, consumer ratings, and other pertinent information.

The site boasts 75 different ways to use their service, including competitive intelligence and competitor analysis – which, ultimately, almost all of the applications are – however, they did have other uses listed, such as gathering historical weather information and volcanic activity.

For the service, pricing is quite reasonable – they have tier pricing for both large and small businesses alike. The most inexpensive plan is at $99 per month, and offers up to 5,000 pages per month with rollover. For the much larger corporations that will be using teams of competitive analysis, there are bigger plans, such as 2 million pages per year for $2,499 per year. Additionally, for even bigger projects that will require unlimited page access, an annual license can be obtained by contacting the developer's sales team.

Overall, Mozenda is useful for those who are planning to use this kind of competitive intelligence and analysis often and need a way to keep it streamlined. For those clients, it is likely to be a good investment.