Competitor analysis from ReferenceUSA

Reference USA is a complete online set of databases that allow users to access detailed information regarding businesses, consumers, and specialty information. The site offers documents for download on each request and charges for each profile. This one is definitely something to get enthusiastic about when it comes to competitive intelligence applications. 

The databases offered for research purposes are extensive, including 14 million businesses (with additional databases of Canadian businesses and new businesses), international companies and executives, physicians and dentists, and separate residential and law enforcement databases. There is virtually every type of look-up with this platform. It is completely searchable with a fully customizable search, and the search itself can be chosen by a number of criteria – some of which include company name, business type, and employee size. The type of information that can be retrieved is excellent for competitive intelligence applications.

Another very interesting and potentially useful database is the OneSource database. It allows a search of a multitude of international corporations, and returns results with executive information as well as detailed financial data for the company. This level of detail often makes prospects skeptical, wondering about the accuracy of the data – especially because businesses and companies change so quickly. Reference USA does strive for as much accuracy as possible, stating that they verify the data constantly and make relevant updates monthly.

The US New Businesses database is updated weekly (for greater accuracy) with over approximately 50,000 new companies and corporations. For those who are gathering competitive intelligence on economic trends, this would be an ideal search. The searches can be defined by business filing type or even location.

A note on pricing: estimates are given for how much a client plans on downloading, and is scaled as such. So it would be wise to ask first prior to signing up to see if the benefits will be worth the cost. Overall, this site promises a great deal of data for a paid service – and tries to make it worth the time and effort – with simplified yet detailed search parameters and the like.