Competitor analysis benchmarking with Fireclick

The Fireclick Index is a web analytics service that allows the user to compare business, marketing, and site metrics over a variety of industries. When looking for something that is good for competitive intelligence for setting the context for industry level projects, Fireclick can be a useful tool (for example, what is a good website conversion rate?).

The users of the platform can access over 30 key metrics in a variety of contexts. This is probably most useful for setting up projects and gathering background information on a particular industry. There are seven areas that Fireclick provides web analytics for:

  • Top Line Growth
  • Specialty
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Catalog
  • Outdoor and Sports
  • Software

The index is designed for daily use to gather information on trends, relative performance, and growth directions as compared to a given company's competitors. The data are gathered anonymously and are compiled from all Fireclick customers who choose to participate. This is both its advantage and disadvantage – one has to wonder at the accuracy and error margins of a service with an opt-out option for participation. However, the data it does provide can be useful if one knows the risks involved.

There is some appeal, also, for online marketing with the Fireclick Index, gathering conversion rate data, and reviewing this data is worth a free trial. Because site conversion rates vary so greatly by industry, it's important to get the right information for a given area – and Fireclick promises to do just that. The information is promised to deliver in real time results over a comprehensive amount of data.

Overall, Fireclick is worth an examination for those looking to benchmark one's website performance against competitor.