Competitive intelligence using Trefis

Trefis is a data analysis company that breaks out a stock price into how much is attributed to each of the company's products or lines of business. Some of this data could be useful for competitive intelligence projects. The company's CrunchBase profile is here.

The best way to explain what they do is with a real example:

The numbers are estimates (see the FAQ for a description of how they come up with their estimates), but even so they can provide useful data for triangulation, or at least around which to frame your thinking. Perhaps more interestingly, Trefis also lets you model the impact on the competitors' market cap value, of different potential sales levels of that competitor's products. 

Trefis is available for a (moderate) range of target companies that can be analysed. It is free, or for some companies costs about $10 a month. It is certainly a fun tool with which to play, and in some instances can be a good starting point for proper competitive analysis, although it may not be really useful on its own. We will come back to it for our own projects from time to time, although it will not form the fundamental layer of any one project.