Competitive intelligence using Cluuz

Cluuz has been around for a long time, and has always attracted the interest of competitive intelligence analysts. This clustering search engine can be useful in providing pointers to potential new avenues of exploration for competitive intelligence, but can also deliver nothing more than a mass of data which it is difficult to use. As with many visual search engines, a cool interface may not mean more insight. An example will show what Cluuz does.

Here are some of the Cluuz results for Pavni Diwanji, who is a director of email security at Google:

(the picture is not very clear, so it may be best to replicate this search at Cluuz).

The purpose of Cluuz is to find connections between the search target and other people, companies, etc. In itself, that approach always a good source of competitive intelligence - following leads to everyone and everything in the target's ecosystem. Certainly Cluuz highlights connections that other search engines might not (the same results may show up, but the different presentation means the connections are not as clear). In itself, Cluuz does not provide answers, but it points to more places where competitive intelligence may be found.