Competitive intelligence tools: new and updated

It's been one of our goals for a long time to share the complete list of competitive intelligence tools that we use. Constantly distracted by squirrels, it's taken us a couple of years to get there ... but here it is: our all-singing, all-dancing directory of competitive intelligence tools.

This directory is an update and extension of something that thousands of people have downloaded from Aqute, our competitive intelligence tools download. In fact, we have also updated that, so the directory and the download have the same content. 

We feature over 300 tools; all of them are tools that we use regularly.

There are similar directories (from LLRX, i-intelligence, Fuld, RBA, etc) that often have many more. To get to our ~300, we reviewed 7,000 tools. But who uses that many? Certainly we don't. So we excluded tools that:

  • are not specific enough for competitive intelligence - for example, we rarely use economic databases. 
  • seem useful in theory but not in practice: we have never done a criminal records or UCC search; nor have we ever needed to look among the official company filings of Slovakia.
  • are indirectly accessible through Google anyway: if you want to do a search for news in the logistics sector, you could look up a pre-defined list of logistics news websites, but you might well be better off starting with Google. 
  • are too obvious: Yahoo! Search should not be listed as a competitive intelligence tool.

In a recent survey, 91% of respondents said that Aqute's directory of competitive intelligence tools was the best in the world, so hurry while stocks last!