Competitive intelligence: searching for millions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Hello! magazine of competitive intelligence.

It is a wonderfully rich source of information, both for serious projects and for fun. One example that comes under both categories is searching for the phrase "10 million". People will put this in their profiles when they talk about sales targets (or achieved sales), deal sizes, acquisition values and other transactions.

Trawling through the search results shows, for example, that:

The data on offer does not just apply to large companies. One profile explains that UK balloons supplier ilLoom will expand into Europe in Q211 and the US in Q411, with a current turnover of $3M growing to $12M by 2015.

Searching for other amounts such as "500K" or "20 million" will achieve similar results. Not only do these search terms reveal related information, but they lead to the profiles of people who are more likely to be open about their employers' performance metrics in other ways.