Competitive intelligence scenario 4: competitor infrastructure

In this blog post we will take a look at one of the more common types of competitive intelligence project: investigating a competitor's infrastructure.

Requests for information about a competitor's infrastructure can focus on capital expenditure and R&D spend, or more prosaically on resources dedicated to a product in the form of employees or marketing budget.

Some of the questions you might need to answer are listed below (taken from our RFP template).


  • How many people does the competitor employ? How are they split across key divisions? What is the organizational structure?
  • What are the office locations? How many employees work in each?
  • Profiles of key executives
  • To what industry associations does the competitor belong?


  • What is the competitor’s R&D budget? How is it allocated? 
  • Where is the company innovating?
  • What does their investment say about coming products?
  • How much does the competitor invest in co-marketing and other partner spend?

Infrastructure projects, while not necessarily easy, tend to be straightforward. There are some very clear pieces of a jigsaw to assemble, and a lot of the pieces will be available through secondary research.