Competitive intelligence podcasts: a summary

The recent launch of Sean Campbell's competitive intelligence podcast made me revisit iTunes to check out what other podcasts there are on this subject. iTunes shows 26 podcasts in response to a search for "competitive intelligence". Three are relevant:

  • August Jackson's Competitive Intelligence. This is a varied range from someone who is an integral part of the CI industry. Jackson is well connected and uses interviews to pull in a wide range of voices; if you want to feel connected to the rest of the CI industry, this is a great podcast. I would recommend this to executives for whom competitive intelligence is a core part of their job, and who want to think strategically about how its practice will develop. The podcasts seem to have stopped in mid-2011, but the content is still relevant.
  • Eric Garland's Competitive Futures podcast. The focus of these podcasts is broader than competitive intelligence; influenced by Garland's own interests in trends (the clue is in 'Futures'). Around a third of the episodes are core competitive intelligence, while the rest are discussions about trends in industries such as retail or oil. These podcasts, too, seem to have stopped in mid-2011, but the competitive intelligence content is still relevant.
  • CI Life. This is the podcast I mentioned at the start. There is only one episode, but it's a good one. It's too early to tell whether the podcast will focus on tactical tools or more strategic issues, but either way I am looking forward to it.

And, well, that's it. Not surprisingly, the people behind the podcasts are some of the most active on Twitter too.

I'd love to see Estelle Metayer start her own, presumably taking a strategic perspective, and someone from the libarian side, like Amelia Kassel or Karen Blakeman.