Competitive intelligence: Internal documents available online

It is interesting how many internal documents can be found online - with information like competitive sales pitches, client details, progress against sales targets. They can be good nuggets of competitive intelligence.

Here, for example, is a spreadsheet of what seem to be sales by a corporate sports hospitality company, Premiere Sports. Obviously this reveals details about Premiere Sports's own business, but it also provides some clues about the activities of their customers.

This Regus document, oddly uploaded to Scribd, shows some of their sales, in delicious detail.

With many online documents, it is not clear whether they are internal or not, but the data they contain may as well be. Here is a Microsoft website, listing the contact details of many of their employees:

Often, the revealed documents will contain information that competitors would love to see, for example how you pitch against them. Here is Avaya's guide to pitching against Nortel:

This is from a guide to dealing with customers who wish to transfer away from competitors:

There are just some of the many examples to be found online. Some are relatively harmless, revealing little more than gossip, and some have genuinely useful competitive intelligence.